The magical flame of a fireplace: bringing heat and light into your home so you can share dreams and emotions with those you love. Fireplace makes any moment unique and special, conveying that sense of sharing, intimacy and a warm welcome.

Every fireplace tells a story. Our wide range of solutions will help you tell yours. Fireplaces come in various shapes, made from innovative materials suited to different environments: bathrooms, living rooms, balconies or gardens, for indoor or outdoor installation. Installed using evolved systems that combine functionality, look and feel. 

Sleek shapes like the ethanol bio fireplace, a minimalist steel parallelepiped with transparent glass face. Glass tabletop fireplaces and cabinets illuminated by jets of fire. Wood-burning fireplaces, flush-mounted to the wall to highlight the flame and add an extra stylish touch to the room. We have a whole range of ideas and combinations for fireplaces, burners, wood holders, containers and surfaces to make your home unique!

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